Kris Pecik Personal Trainer

kris-pecik-personal-trainingKris Pecik has been training people since 2009. Kris trained with various sport elite athletes, celebrities and plenty of newbies. Kris has a right approach and 7 years of expertise to match your training experience and help you achieve your dream goal.

Kris’s story

Kris has been a runner up champion of polish police sponsored Judo clubs as a junior. He enjoyed Judo from very early in life, at age of 4/5 years old watching and participating with his father who fought in the main polish Judo team at the time becoming a Polish Champion a number of times. His father had a lot of influence in his judo career. He made sure Kris did not skip a class. Kris followed his father’s footsteps until the age of 16. At that point his parents split up and he stepped into the wrong circles causing him to give up what he had worked so long and hard for.

Kris was about 17 years of age when he met Bartek (his best friend from childhood and to this date) he took him to the gym and showed him a few exercises. Kris instantly fell in love with the idea of GYM. improving his body image, health and what this gym offered in particular, the sense of belonging.

in 2005 Kris moved to London. There he found a job at a gym as a receptionist (after a few other shitty jobs). He completed personal training courses and topped them up with a BSc Sports & Exercise Science degree, Nutritional Advice course and NASM level 3 posture correction and exercise planning course.

He has volunteered in Olympics 2012 in London at the training venue assisting weight-lifters with their training.

Kris has competed in a number of bodybuilding shows placing 4th in his first one. However, he prefers the process of bodybuilding style training to competing itself.

Kris has a passion for cooking and preparing healthy and delicious meals that fit his macros.

Kris has helped many  of his clients to achieve their goals.

Kris’s favourite coaching skills

  • Bodybuilding (Fat Loss & Muscle Building),
  • Strength & Conditioning (Sport Specific Exercise Prescription; Strength, Speed, Power, Endurance, Agility and Flexibility)
  • Nutrition (Diet and Supplement protocols for fat loss, muscle building, sports performance, specific health issues and holistic health improvement)
  • Rehab and Posture Correction in association with other specialists (massage, osteopathy, physiotherapy)
  •  Lifestyle Improvements in association with other specialists (Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Personal Styling, Personal Shopping and Dating Coaching, Plastic Surgery and more)

Q&A with Kris

What to expect from a session with you?

Prep advice on the training programme for the day the DO’s and the DO NOT’s, Encouragement and Feedback.

What to expect from the transformation programme with you?

Progress Pictures and Measurements, Nutrition Protocols, Training Programmes, Supplementation,  Throughout Support. Accountability. 

What are your interests?

Bio-hacking, human physiology and music.

What do you like outside the work environment?

I like connecting people, helping people and see them progress. Milk chocolate with hazelnuts and Music

What’s your favourite sport?

To participate in Judo and Gym related (power lifting, cross-fit, bodybuilding)


What do you mostly require from your clients to do to help them?

I believe in hard work to achieve great results in the gym. You got to stick to the plan prescribed, but do not follow iit like a headless sheep. BE A THINKER!

What advice do you give your clients?

The secret is in repetition – more consistent reps = better & faster result.

Where are you based?

I work around Central London (ZONE 1), Westminster,  Chelsea and Battersea areas.


Yours in Health, Fitness and Life

Personal Trainer Kris Pecik

We can come to you in all of Central London (within zone 1) – including: Westminster, Chelsea, Battersea, Soho, Westend, Knights Bridge, Mayfair etc.

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