Personal Trainer Kris Pecik in conversation with Adam White.(VIDEO)

Hi all,

I have recently had a great pleasure to meet “somewhat” London’s famous Personal Trainer Adam White. At birthday dinner (at soho MASH, steak was great btw…) I was sat next to him and couldn’t stop thinking I have seen him somewhere before. He looked familiar, friendly too. Then I rememeberd his facebook campaign few years back. During that time in the restaurant I could see this guy knows his bit when it comes to health and fitness. We bonded fast. Now this video is a result of our free floating conversation on tape for you to see. Enjoy.

Adam White in conversation with Personal Trainer/Bodybuilder Kris Pecik

Personal Trainer, Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Strength and conditioning, Westminster, Chelsea, Battersea, Central London
Kris Pecik: we started yet? Adam White: fuck I forgot to pump up!